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Arturo Ponce de León
Architect, Psychologist, Geometrician
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What is Biological Architecture

and Sacred Geometry? 

Our Projects

Our Company

Arqka, Biological Architecture is a company founded in Mexico in 2006 that developed the concept of Biological Architecture to build healthier spaces complying with the principles of Sacred Geometry and Sustainable Design.

We develop integral projects all over the world. We relive the secrets of ancient constructions and link them with avant-garde designs. We have created a four-stage integrated system - the ArqKa Life System - that links design in all its expressions, commercial, architectural and artistic. The goal is that in the environment in which you live or develop your activities you can be in harmony, in an emotional and spiritual balance.  

We have been offering seminars on Sustainable Geometry since 2000. Our company arises as a result of the commercial demand that has been presented in Mexico, Latin America and the world for the pedagogical and didactic work of the founding partners.  

Sustainable Geometry is the one that explains the creation of life and has been used for thousands of years in all large buildings that have had an impact on history and societies. 

Our Philosophy

To design and create transcendental spaces that favor ecology and generate states of harmony and well-being in the people who inhabit them.

Offer integral projects, based on biological, sustainable and innovative architecture that generate added value, improve the environment and the quality of life of those who inhabit them.


Conscious geophilic spaces are designed for well-being on the vital, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual plane.

Our People

We bring together the best professionals in the industry, allowing us to create anything you can imagine. 


Our Services

We want to offer you the most efficient services for your company, A new level.

Architecture Biological ArqKa offers the integration of the whole project through the general geometric, energetic, magnetic, shape, colour and music guidelines as well as a wide range of services ranging from macro to micro projects. It is designed from the urbanization to the stationery.  

This integral system aims to create spaces that generate "life and order", therefore a higher index of well-being. The scientific research on which these studies are based refers to the creation of certain geometric patterns that generate "heterodynamic conjunction of waves". 


Architectural Design

Graphic Design

Interior Design

Green Rofs & Walls

Remodeling & Additions



Our Products

In order to offer you an integral service, we have the products you require for your projects.


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Book "Sacred Geometry and Architecture"

The Science of Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

by Arturo Ponce de León, Ninón Fregoso, Michael Rice, Dan Winter

+100 Articles

More than 100 articles on Sacred Geometry
and Biological Architecture

Book "Biofractal"

Biofractal the Science of Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry 

by Arturo Ponce de León, Ninón Fregoso, Michael Rice, Dan Winter

1st Congress of
Biological Architecture

Universidad Iberoamericana, México

2nd Congress of
Biological Architecture

Universidad de Wales, Reino Unido